WIP - Dungoen entrance

Firstly I’d like to apologize for my lack of presence on social media over the past couple of months. Work on the game has been going amazingly well, and I’m excited to show off what I’ve been working on, but first I wanted to talk about where I’ve been, and our new launch date.

In late August my marketer and I decided that our window to launch the game before the Holiday season was quickly closing, we were just coming off a very successful but stressful Greenlight launch, and needed to immediately ramp back up to get the game finished and promoted before the holiday influx of triple-A games. It started to become clear it just wasn’t practical to launch Downspiral before then, so we made the decision to push back the release date to the beginning of 2017.

I had been working non-stop leading up to the Greenlight, not to mention working without a break or vacation for years leading up to this point already, so I finally took a break, and an actual vacation, something I hadn’t done in two years!

I returned back to work on the game feeling refreshed and excited to get it done, but never got back into the habit of posting regular updates to Twitter, Facebook, and this blog.

Most of this extra time has been spent on enhancing visuals through updated lighting and textures, as well as increasing visual variety through additional objects and terrain. Just a few of the features I’ve recently implemented:

  • Updated lighting for every level.
  • An additional tileset for more level variety.
  • Many more 3D objects to increase visual variety and help with level navigation.
  • Specular maps for all 3D objects.
  • Bloom and glow effects.
  • Additional secrets and enemies.

As we ramp back up for the game launch I’m dedicated to returning to my previous schedule of regularly posting updates, including weekly blog updates right here every Tuesday at 3:00 PM EST.

I couldn’t be more excited about sharing more about what I’ve been working on over the coming months!