Classes of Downspiral: Ranger

“Masters of the hunt as well as their surroundings, rangers track their prey through any environment. From vast forests to the most destitute dungeons, rangers are a force to be reckoned with. Wearing leather typically salvaged from their previous quarry, the hunter stalks its prey, opting usually to take them out at range with a bow. However rangers are also adapt melee fighters, skilled in the use of dual blades and two handed swords. A rangers expert perception allows them to recognize hidden passageways in the area.”

Rangers are a damage and utility class, great for filling out the last couple slots of your party. Rangers most often use bows, but aren’t required, rangers are also proficient with both one-handed and two-handed slashing weapons, as well as dangers and other piercing implements.

The rangers special ability Detect Passage is excellent for newcomers to the dungeon, using the ability lets you know if you are near a secret passage. This can be a great help if you’re finding it difficult to locate secret areas, or you just don’t enjoy scouring every inch of the dungeon for secret passages.

A ranger finding a hidden switch by using detect passage

I tried to include a mix of utility abilities to the playable classes, my goal is for players to be able to tailor their experience to how they want to play. If you don’t enjoy looking for keys to open locked chests, you can bring a rogue and unlock every chest you come across on the fly. If you don’t enjoy spotting secret passages on your own, you can bring a ranger to help you locate them more easily. On the contrary, if you enjoy these things, or just want to make the experience more challenging, you can opt to not bring these classes, or just not make use of their abilities. Then there’s the accountant class, so useless they’ll undoubtedly make your adventure even harder!

Rangers are a combination damage and utility class, they are a great pick if you are looking for ranged damage, or just want help finding those tasty treasure hordes. Rangers are a great pick for beginners and veterans alike.

A ranger party

I’m starting to run out of races and classes to talk about here, I guess I’ll have to release the game soon…